Workforce Solutions for Staffing Companies

Ascen provides back office software services to staffing companies.

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Start working with W-2 contracts

Ascen's staffing payroll and back office solution means you can start working with W-2 contractors as easily as 1099, without worrying about state-by-state compliance and complexity.

Achieve growth with W-2

The largest clients and VMS/MSP gatekeepers require W-2 contractors. We make it easy to access that growth and migrate some or all of your offering to W-2.

Scalable staffing technology

We've designed our system to handle your growth, with extensive documentation for our API so you can scale your revenue without having to reverse engineer legacy systems.


The perfect resource

Ascen can handle payroll, funding, timesheets, staffing back office, billing, and compliance so you can simplify your business, lower your risk, and allocate capital more efficiently.

State/Federal Compliance

API/Manual Usage

Customer support

Time Sheet/Payment Automation

We handle employment
so you don't have to.

Your core skill is aggregating demand and sourcing supply, not employment law. We handle hours, compliance, tax, and payment so you can focus on growth.

Compliance, Time Sheets, Payments handled by us.

We utilize the resources of some of the largest staffing firms to be sure you can scale.

Deep understanding of employment

We allow you to focus on your business while we handle state by state employment issues.

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Employee pay rate

Payroll funding

Taxes, workers' comp, health benefits

Timesheets and invoicing

Employee Onboarding

Your Brand

API Access

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