Staffing Technology Companies

Ascen can help your technology technology company offer contract placements.

How we help

Staffing technology companies come in many forms. Some are VMS providers that help staffing companies find talent. Some are job sites that allow employers to post jobs. Some are technology companies that help screen or source talent. Others are recruitment split networks that allow recruiters and staffing companies to exchange candidates. In all cases, they are great at enabling companies to find great talent. Unfortunately, however, many times companies would like to hire candidates on temprorary contracts, where another company must put the candidate on their W-2 payroll. These technology companies often cannot earn revenue on these placements, due to the added complexity of business logic and back-office requirements. That's where Ascen steps in.

Ascen allows recruitment technology companies to offer contract placements simply and easily. We act as the employer of record for contract placements, handling everything from time sheets, billing clients, payroll funding, and regulatory compliance. We also allow integration via our REST API so you can continue to operate at scale.

Our process

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