Online Staffing Platforms

Ascen can help your online staffing platform scale with W-2 contractors.

How we help

Online staffing companies come in many forms but the model is simple: help companies find needed talent in their niche. Some platforms focus on IT talent, like software engineers, others focus on areas like nursing. Sometimes platforms focus on permanent ("direct") hires and sometimes they focus on temporary ("contingent") work.

Many online platforms would like to scale their contractor side of their business, but find it challenging with changing regulatory landscapes and capital requirements. Ascen allows online platforms to offer contract placements while still maintaining an "asset-lite" business model. We help platforms grow their revenue efficiently by acting as the employer of record of your contractors, handling everything from time sheets, billing clients, payroll funding, and regulatory compliance. We also allow integration via our REST API so you can continue to operate at scale.

Our process

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