Gig Economy Platforms

Ascen can help your gig economy platform stay compliant with W-2 contractors.

How we help

Working with 1099 contractors has been the standard operating procedure for gig economy marketplaces for nearly two decades. However, certain large clients, some states, and many MSPs/VMSs/GPOs require W-2 contractors in order to work with them. This presents complexities that are challenging enough that many platforms turn down growth opportunities. That's where we come in.

Ascen allows online platforms to begin utilizing W-2 contractors in their services while still maintaining an "asset-lite" business model. We help platforms grow their revenue efficiently by acting as the employer of record of your contractors, handling everything from time sheets, billing clients, payroll funding, and regulatory compliance. We also allow integration via our REST API so you can continue to operate at scale.

Our process

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